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mp3Urban Homesteaders Fight Baseless Legal Claims Over Generic, Descriptive Term04/5/2011
mp3"Operation in Our Sites" Moves Ahead03/31/2011
mp3It?s Time for the Recording Industry to Stop Blaming "Piracy" and Start Finding A New Way03/25/2011
mp3Fair Use For the Win in Righthaven Case03/22/2011
mp3SXSW: South by Southwest Music + Film Interactive03/4/2011
mp3Could 2011 Be The Year? A Look at the 2011 Patent Reform Act03/2/2011
mp3EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world. About Us02/25/2011
mp3New Honorees in the Takedown Hall of Shame02/25/2011
mp3Pt II: EFF Evaluates the FCC?s Net Neutrality Rules in its ?Report and Order?02/18/2011
mp3ICE Seizures Raising New Speech Concerns02/16/2011
mp3What Congress Can Learn from the Recent ICE Seizures02/15/2011
mp3Don't Mess With Texas: Another Texas Judge Scrutinizes Mass Copyright Litigation02/15/2011
mp3DMCA Copyright Policies: Staying in the Safe Harbors While Protecting Your Users02/11/2011
mp3Nate Hakken, BroadbandBreakfast.com02/8/2011
mp3By Nate Anderson , Ars Technica: The Art of Technology02/8/2011
mp3Part I: FCC ?Ancillary? Authority to Regulate the Internet? Don?t Count on It02/3/2011
mp3EFF Urges Supreme Court to Crack Down on Bad Patents02/2/2011
mp3EFF Files Comments with Copyright Office on Pre-1972 Sound Recordings02/1/2011
mp3MasterCard?s Support for COICA Threatens A Free And Open Internet01/26/2011
mp3Don't Sacrifice Security on Mobile Devices01/21/2011
mp3Know Before You Go, Part 2: Burning Man Improves Ticket Terms But Retains Takedown Powers01/20/2011
mp3Sony v. Hotz: Sony Sends A Dangerous Message to Researchers -- and Its Customers01/19/2011
mp3Fuzzy Boundaries: The Potential Impact of Vague Secondary Liability Doctrines on Technology Innovation01/19/2011
mp3FCC Contest Seeks More Data for a Better Net Neutrality01/13/2011
mp3Happy New Year from EFF!01/11/2011
mp3EFF Wins Landmark Ruling Freeing Promo CDs for Resale01/4/2011
mp3EFF Calls for Court to Affirm Downsized Copyright Damages01/4/2011
mp32010 Trend Watch Update: Online Video012/31/2010
mp32010 Trend Watch Update: Three Strikes: Truth and Consequences012/28/2010
mp32010 Trend Watch Update: Net Neutrality012/27/2010
mp32010 Trend Watch Update: Hardware Hacking012/26/2010
mp3What is Traitorware?012/23/2010
mp3Genachowski Wins on Net Neutrality, Sort of012/23/2010
mp32010 Trend Watch Update: Books and Newspapers012/23/2010
mp3Chilling Effects Supporters Fight Back Against Perfect 10 Challenge012/23/2010
mp3EFF Announces Intellectual Property Legal Team012/20/2010
mp3Viacom Round-Up: Still Complaining about YouTube Even as They Profit from It012/17/2010
mp3EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world. About Us012/17/2010
mp3Judge Blocks Copyright Trolls in Porn-Downloading Lawsuits012/16/2010
mp3EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world. About Us012/14/2010

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